Whether physical or digital, the customer journey has become more complex. with the arrival of new technologies and the evolution of uses. According to Serbia Email List Marketing, the customer journey – also called the user journey – is the typical journey that a customer follows between the moment they see a need and the moment they purchase.

What strategy should a company adopt to deliver a quality customer experience? Far from being reduced to the simple act of purchase, the customer journey has no finite duration. It starts from the moment the customer hears about the brand until the moment when the latter satisfied with the experience can become an ambassador by recommending it. It can be longer or shorter depending on the needs of the consumer . For example, the customer journey for buying a car will be different from that for a garment.

“I Want” = Birth Of A Need

As soon as the consumer has a need to be satisfied. He will therefore first go in search of information. 80% of Internet users prepare their purchases online according to the FIFG in 2015 and 88% consult the opinions of other consumers. The need to buy a good or service can be felt when the consumer is exposed to an advertisement or when he is influenced by those around him who have already consumed a similar product / service. Having good visibility (social networks, media or others) helps the consumer to remember the offer that a brand offers when the need arises.

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gathering He will therefore start to carry out his research on the Internet by looking at several sites or opinions: 95% of consumers carry out research before their purchase. He can also go directly to the store for expert advice. Before buying, the consumer will compare all the products that meet his need. It is at this precise moment that you have to start the conversation and clearly identify your needs in order to best meet your expectations.

“Do You Like It Or Do You Like It?” »= Satisfaction, Loyalty, Recommendation Or Not!

It is necessary to maintain the customer relationship even after the purchase in order to improve its products and services as well as the customer journey: – Evaluate customer satisfaction: have feedback to see what liked or disliked – Retain the customer to collect more qualitative information and offer more personalized and adapted products or services – Encourage them to recommend you by leaving reviews or becoming a brand ambassador. Therefore to stand out from their competitors, brands compete in creativity and ingenuity for:

Take care of their e-reputation. Deploy a good SEO strategy. Offer a quality customer experience on all media: ergonomic site, mobile first , simple navigation, provide useful information (detailed product sheet, tutorial, product comparison, etc.) … Humanize the relationship with the consumer as much as possible: responsive customer service, quality and committed story-telling (less and less talk), animation of communities in real life, highly personalized loyalty program …

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