For example, if you Iran Phone Number List blog post from 2010 that gets a lot of organic traffic, be sure to continue to link to that post from other content. Since you’ve produced many other blog posts over the years, the 2010 post is automatically placed at the bottom of your website’s internal link structure.Let’s go back in time Marty! In a 2010 interview between Eric Enge and Matt Cutts, the former head of Google’s webspam team, the relationship between page authority and crawl budget was brought up. Here’s what Matt Cutts explained in this interview:“

The number of pages we crawl is roughly proportional to your PageRank. So, if you have a lot of inbound links on your root page, we will definitely explore it. Your root page may then contain links to other pages that will get PageRank and which we will explore as well. However, as you get deeper into your site, PageRank tends to decrease. “Even though Google has abandoned the public updating of page PageRank values, PageRank is still used in their algorithms. As PageRank is a term sometimes misunderstood, let’s call it Page Authority. The bottom line here is that Matt Cutts is basically saying that there is a pretty strong relationship between page authority and crawl budget.

Don’t forget the PageRank!

Therefore, to increase the crawl budget of your website, you need to increase its authority (its PageRank). To do this, a large part of acquiring more links (backlinks) from external websites.Through the evolution of Google’s search algorithm, the priority is to meet the expectations of the If you have this issue in mind, you’ll be able to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and determine what types of content will perform better than text. Indeed, an SEO strategy effective will necessarily revolve around a variety of content: videos, podcasts and for e-commerce merchandising and pricing approaches aimed at offering the best experience to your future buyer.


Why do you think Amazon is so popular? Because it places the experience of its customers at the heart of its strategy, by offering impeccable service, a wide choice and products at the best prices.Today, we bring you an infographic illustrating how to take advantage of your press and public relations to boost your SEO.By making this infographic for one of our clients, the objective of our SEO agency was to highlight the steps to follow so that your PR strategy benefits the SEO of your site.AWARENESS: Check the SEO awareness of the partner site on which content mentioning your brand will be published.

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Using the SEO Majestic tool, take a look at the number of backlinks received by this site, its Citation Flow and Trust Flow score.THEMATIC: Make sure that the site that talks about you deals with a theme common to yours. The content published on the partner site must be informational and bring real added value to the user. Look for trending topics to cover using the AnswerThePublic tool to keep the content from focusing too much on promoting your brand.

Always ask for the addition of an inbound link (backlink) within the published content, pointing to a page on your site. Ask the partner site to integrate your backlink within the main text of the page and not in the form of a caption, on an imageFOLLOW OR NOTHING: Make sure the partner site agrees for this backlink to be tracked and taken into account by Google. Therefore, require that there is no nofollow attribute added to the link.A SAFE DESTINATION: Make sure that the backlink points to a page on your site that will never disappear, such as your home page, a service page or a category page (for an e-commerce).

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