It may interest you: Improve your professional profile with.  The Diploma in Digital Marketing and become a professional in high demand. Facebook: One of the most social networking applications facebook among.  Mobile applications Facebook is the social network par excellence.  So the mobile application is one of the most downloaded of all time. This platform was born with the purpose of connecting Harvard University students and currently fulfills this function but worldwide. In addition, Facebook stands out because it has been able to adapt to the needs and technological advances. This platform is for general use, since you can write on the wall of your friends, share photos and videos.

In addition, it has the possibility of managing an online business or creating a fan page for your company to retain customers. Facebook seeks to update and integrate new applications or make changes to the appearance of the page. There are an infinity of uses that can now be given to the platform, since it leads the list for being Colombia Phone Number the most dynamic and with the largest number of active users. YouTube: Among the favorite applications of users youtube mobile application YouTube is a popular social network due to the diverse audiovisual content it contains. Also, it is one of the most downloaded and used social media apps in recent years. It stands out because it is possible to find content about what you want.

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Therefore, it is a popular platform for sharing experiences, tutorials, documentaries and movies. YouTube was created in 2005 and acquired in 2006 by Google Inc. It also has the great feature that its users can easily become content creators. They just need to have a Google account. That is why it has become one of the favorite social networks of all time and.  The workplace of various well-known personalities. Facebook Messenger: Well-known messaging application.  Social media apps facebook messenger Facebook Messenger was born for iOS and.  Android devices in 2011 and works hand in hand with Facebook. For this reason, this application is widely because.  It allows you to chat with contacts and users of the Facebook platform.

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In addition, it is characterized by having constant updates such as the review of “My day”, also known as stories that last 24 hours. Facebook Messenger allows you to share dynamic content based on emojis, gifs, documents, videos, images and voice messages. On the other hand, it has an independent Facebook web page where you can enter through your email or phone number. We highlight that Facebook Messenger is one of the social networks that belong to Facebook. Twitter: Popular among social media apps for its content twitter social media apps Twitter is a social network known worldwide because it offers a microblogging service. Founded in 2006, it allows the publication of content of a maximum of 140 characters, which is why it is characterized by being direct.

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Likewise, Twitter is the social network for disseminating news at short notice par excellence. As a consequence, its application is one of the most downloaded.  Since it allows its users to keep updated on global and local trends from wherever they are. This digital platform is perfect for sharing opinions, images and videos. In addition, users use it as a means of communication where they share news and events that occur in real time. Currently, it has been a great ally for various citizens who to be heard but traditional media did not give them a screen. Therefore, its users are to fulfill a journalistic role. TikTok: One of the most downloaded social media apps in the last year tiktok among the most downloaded applications TikTok is a social network born in 2016.

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