Attracting more visitors and generating more leads is a major marketing and sales challenge. Yes, commercial. Why? Because thinking. So how do you do it? Here are the 7 actions that allowed us to multiply our traffic by 4 and generate more leads. 90% of decision-makers admit to never responding to a sales prospecting call. To the great misfortune of salespeople. If you are a salesperson, I sympathize. Besides that, 61% say they start their buying thinking on a search engine. B2B lead generation stats. Decision-makers are increasingly connected in their purchasing thinking. So what does that mean? For this, you must put in place a digital marketing strategy to grab the attention of the decision-maker.

Attract them to your website and convert them into qualified and mature leads. How do we do that? We move on to the Inbound Marketing strategy. What does it give concretely? Here are the 7 actions that we carry out regularly and which have enabled us to multiply by 4 the volume of monthly visitors to our website in 18 months. And of course to generate more leads! You will not like what I am about to tell you. Especially if you regularly create content on your website. But deep down, I’m sure you already know it but refuse to see it in the face: Most of the pages on your website are useless.

Sort through the pages of your website

It’s a bit crude – even provocative – but what I mean by that is that the majority of your pages don’t attract visitors to your website. On our blog, we have over 500 articles. 50% of these articles generate less than 10 visits per month. They have Austria Phone Numbers other uses: they allow us to feed the purchasing thinking of our prospects and strengthen our internal network (we will come back to this!). But the idea for you here is to identify the pages of your website with the greatest potential to quickly generate results with these digital marketing actions. It is a page for which you are referenced on the 2nd page of Google results and which allows you to generate qualified leads.

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Today, few leads. But tomorrow, if you manage to position this page in the first Google results, that could change. So the first thing for you to do in order to attract more visitors and generate more leads quickly: identify the pages of your website with potential! New call-to-action. Look at your competition and… Do better! If your page is referenced on the 2nd page on Google, it is because there are websites that offer better-optimized pages. If you want to attract more visitors and generate more leads by improving your website’s SEO, start by understanding why other pages are in front of you. What keywords do these pages use? How are these pages optimized?

Your website should be your best marketer

How many backlinks do they have? How many words make up these pages? By answering these questions, you’ll know what to do to outperform your competition and get ahead of them on Google. In this quest for information, you can use the following tools in particular: In the next tips, here are the types of actions you may need to take! Work on your internal mesh. The internal mesh, but what is it? I see your head behind your computer screen Haha! Internal linking is simple: it is the use of links to link the pages of your website. For example, I can link this article with my guide to SEO.

This is the internal mesh. Where it is important is that Google measures the interest of a page in particular via the distance which separates it from another page. The further away it is, the more Google considers this page to be unimportant to you and therefore uninteresting for it. To attract more visitors to the important pages of your website – in other words, those that generate the most leads and therefore the most return on investment – consider incorporating internal links to them when the opportunity arises. Guide to properly referencing your website. Optimize your pages for SEO. Here I will not re-sweep the subject in detail. I recommend that you download the SEO guide above to dig into the topic in detail.

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