Since Google introduced its digital measurement tool, Google Analytics in 2005, it has become a fundamental pillar for thousands and thousands of startups, companies and organizations that seek to measure with greater precision, the actions that users perform on their websites or applications, in order to make better decisions based on real data. For all of us who use this tool every day, we have great news for you: Google Analytics received a major update designed for you, so you can improve your decisions in your digital marketing strategy, all with the ultimate goal of improving your ROI. . Smarter data in Google Analytics 4 The new update (known as Google Analytics 4 ) uses artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to alert.

you to new trends in the behavior of users browsing a website, this means that it can alert you if one of your pages in specific is getting more views in recent weeks or if a particular product is getting more attention. Thanks to this system, Google Analytics can predict or anticipate the future actions of visitors, and even calculate Belgium Phone Number the probability that a user will leave a website early, in addition to offering solutions to retain these users. In this way, Google points out that marketers will be able to “more efficiently invest their resources to retain customers at a time when budgets are under pressure.” Without a doubt, this could help users to be more proactive , so they can make decisions on time and improve the performance of their campaigns. READ MORE 5 Content Marketing Predictions for 2022.

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This new intelligent system will also be able to help us fill gaps without information when cookies. Or other tracking systems cannot be used. Better integration with Google Ads “With the new integration. Of Google marketing products, it is easier to use what you have learned to refine the ROI of your strategy, a deeper integration with Google Ads, for example, allows you to create audiences that can reach your customers. with more relevant and useful experiences, wherever they decide to interact with your company” , this is how Google explains this new change, which in simple terms implies the possibility of maintaining a personalized audience between the website and other applications. Consumer-centric information Yes, Google Analytics has managed to evolve from a measurement fragmented by device (and platforms) to a measurement focused especially on the customer.

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This design change is intended to give marketers a more comprehensive view of how customers interact. With a business, for example: they can find out if customers discover the website through an ad. Install the app, and make purchases. from there or go directly to the website and buy from it. The purpose of this change is for you to better understand the life cycle of a customer. From acquisition, through conversion and not forgetting retention. The new Google Analytics comes by default for new properties, you will no longer be able to use. The old version for these. If you want to learn more about Google Analytics 4, check outGoogle Inc. Has managed to surprise Analytics users with the innovation of its free tool. Although it was a promise since 2014.

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it is now when it ends up arriving under the name of Google Analytics 4. The new version of the platform is much more intelligent and intuitive. Thanks to the App+Web property with which it works. This property in beta last year to provide a taste of how. But , what are the benefits of Google Analytics 4?; Here we tell you! Smarter system for decision making Google Analytics 4 is much smarter than its previous versions. It is capable of automatically predicting consumer actions and issuing an alert. Like for example, that you are about to abandon the shopping cart. In addition to offering exact information on the most demanded products. Trends in the most visited areas of the web, and much more.

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