Do you want to offer targeted and personalized content to your customers but Eritrea Email List need advice ? We invite you to discover our tips for stimulating loyalty and conversion through testing-targeting, which is a data-driven method .

Today, studies show that 41% of consumers are likely to end their relationship with a brand if it does not offer them targeted and personalized content . Companies are therefore required to constantly reinvent the customer relationship and partly through its content.

The testing-targeting method consists of two phases as its name suggests, the testing phase and the targeting phase . The addition of these two phases will allow you to offer content that meets your customers’ expectations.

Google’s Hegemony

Today Google Analytics is based on the free service in order to acquire the management of our personal data but in the end for what? The solution plays on a commercial marketing aspect bordering on legal because we are not always (if ever) aware of the destination and use of our data.

Eritrea Email List

In terms of ergonomics, the interface has become very complex over the updates for people who are not very experienced in audience measurement . This raises many questions about this free and open tool which can be optimally used only by a small group of people.

Participate In Civic Life Via Open Governance

Namely that different tools are at your disposal to set up this method such as Adobe Target , Kameleoon , Optimizely , etc … To set up a quality strategy, you will need to have a clear idea of ​​how you are going to use your data (Watch the video: From Big Data to Smart Data ). You will also need to know your success metric, your end goals, your conversion potential, etc. Only then will your test & target strategy be relevant.

We are also faced with an impoverishment of the information collected, in particular since the removal of the sending of the search keyword most used by the Internet user to arrive on your site. This measure therefore aims to make the performance measurement of natural referencing more complex. (However this always benefits Adwords which keeps all its traceability …)

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