50A Galaxy is the new monthly podcast format not to be missed. Every month for 10 to 15 minutes we will decipher the digital transformation of a sector of activity. We will discuss good practices, innovations and Tuvalu Email List linked to societal and technological changes with an expert in the sector. The 50A Galaxy podcast aims to popularize this subject while addressing existing solutions.

Find us every 1st Wednesday of the month and to not miss an episode subscribe ! Listen to “50A Galaxy” on Spreaker. The excerpts that we have put in our podcast are not chosen at random; you can find Elon Musk, Charles de Gaulle or even Tim Bernes-Lee. Each of these men changed history in various ways possible by their courage, will, innovation and relentlessness.

Charles De Gaulle – “we Need Progress, Not Mess”

Everyone remembers some of General Charles de Gaulle’s “little phrases”, many of them are still famous! It was during the interview with Michel Droit between the two rounds of the presidential election that General de Gaulle pronounced a new one.

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Julian Assange Founder of Wikileaks
Following his revelations, the famous hacker is prosecuted and finds refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy where he will be granted asylum. By having invented Wikileaks Julian Assange created the means to shed light on shadows that no one wanted to see out in the open as he was able to do with Kenya or even in the Middle East.

Richard Stallman – Free Software And Your Freedom

Free software respects human rights via 4 essential freedoms:
Freedom 1: “run the program as you want”
Freedom 2: “freedom to edit the program’s resources and change them so that the program does what you want ” Freedom 3:” to help others and redistribute exact copies ”
Freedom 4:” to contribute and distribute modified copies to others ”

The one that Wired magazine nicknamed, in 2000, the “e-grandpa” seemed to us the ideal interlocutor to talk about digital transition. Because it impacts, at different levels, the entire economy. But the changes made by a state in this area have consequences for all sectors of activity, because it encompasses all of them. We could speak of a “meta transformation”.



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