There is one type of website which, more than others, works primarily in terms of profit, it is the Ecommerce site . Traffic, social media engagement, visibility: what does it matter, as long as it makes money! Of course the number of visitors visiting the site as well as its Azerbaijan Mailing Data will have a big impact on the final ROI, but if the visitors remain visitors and do not buy, that is frankly not very interesting, is it. ? That is why, in order to ensure the success and profitability of an Ecommerce site, there is one section that must be considered of crucial importance: the Product pages .

The Products page is not only the last step before a purchase, it is also the place where consumers find answers to their questions : “Is this product the one I really need?” “Or” Is the transaction risk-free? Are all doubts that your Products page will have to sweep from the mind of the visitor in order to ensure the purchase. It is therefore essential that you optimize this strategy place of your website in order to boost your conversion rate and consolidate the profitability of your Ecommerce site .


It is often said that a picture is better than a great speech. This could not be more true when it comes to an online purchase. According to Forbes magazine , 67% of consumers give “a lot of importance” to the image when they are about to buy a product on the internet. If you don’t have an image that represents your product at all or that it was taken with your smartphone, don’t be surprised that your product has not yet become a bestseller! In order to encourage consumers to buy, you must first and foremost visually appeal to them. It is absolutely essential that your product is accompanied by one (or more) clear, fresh and high resolution image. Also choose a standard size for all your photos to maintain consistency across all the pages of your site.

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The description of your product is also extremely important, not only for the consumer, but also for the search engines . In order to increase the visibility of your page on search engines and therefore the likelihood of visitors landing on it, you will need to produce relevant and specific content that contains several keywords related to the product. To get a unique description and put the most chances on your side, do not hesitate to opt for the long tail strategy to choose your keywords and attract more targeted traffic and more likely to be interested in your products. .

Opinions and comments

The consumer is greatly influenced by the opinions and comments of other consumers. In fact, 63% of visitors say they are more likely to buy a product from a website that has reviews from other people who have purchased the same product. The first thing to do will of course be to find a way to collect the opinions of your customers, for example by means of an email sent a few weeks after the purchase or the promise of a price reduction if a review is submitted. . Then, you just have to display these comments using a simple module to insert on your Product page. Properly implemented, this system can greatly improve your click-through and conversion rates .

Asking someone to give you their credit card number is quite tricky, especially if they don’t know your site and are coming there for the first time. If you want your consumers to trust you, you need to show your feet and prove that you are a safe and trusted website . Affix a security logo (ISO 9001, Paypal, payment verified by Visa or mastercard, etc.) to demonstrate that security measures have been considered to ensure payment in peace. Be careful to make sure that the logo refers to a valid site that can prove what you are saying.

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