Markentive offers digital communication services and allows its clients to Israel Email List their website into a business development tool via inbound marketing. Often, we meet clients who are interested in our inbound marketing and lead generation approach, but very quickly we are faced with a major problem . Their website is aging or has just been redone and does not meet current standards!

We believe that it is important not to think in a compartmentalized way when addressing a service provider for the realization of its website or its promotion. Prefer a holistic approach and demand results. Very often, although fortunately this is not always the case, providers who simply create websites reason “one shoot” and may underestimate certain elements that will greatly penalize your site subsequently. The fact of working with the same provider throughout is rather a guarantee of consistency in this sense, even if there is no absolute rule. To make you aware of the best way to think about your website and to manage its realization, here is5 tips that I hope will be useful to you:

Corporate Website: Define Your Overall Strategy

Your service provider must take the time to get to know you and understand your problem in order to advise you because “to each his own job”. What are your targets? What keywords do you want to appear on? Why would users come to your site? What interactions will you have with them? How will you promote your offer? Before having the answer to everything, ask yourself the right questions because having a website in order to have a website is not very useful. Make your website a useful tool to secure new business, to help your prospects find you and your partners to know you.

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Company website: take care of the content of your website …
You have chosen your keywords, your tabs, your tree structure … Take care of your content, navigability, clarity and put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. Consider optimizing your META tags (indications in the code of pages intended for search engine bots), your link anchors and anything that can help you boost your website audience as fresh and interesting content on a blog… For information, many users are now surfing on their smartphones or tablets, make sure that your website is compatible with all browsers and all screen sizes (we are talking about responsive design ).

And Everything That Happens Outside

Your website is perfect but as soon as you leave your URL you no longer exist … To be well referenced in Google and gain traffic, you must provide links to your site in a relevant way. Think about social networks , exchange links with your partners on your respective sites, register your site in relevant directories… You will thus gain in referencing and in traffic via referral sites like twitter, scoop it, the digital press…

Company website: interact with your targets
Your visitors found you but didn’t dare to contact you, maybe it’s not the right time for them and you lose track of them. Try to get them to leave their contact details for you so that you can keep track of these qualified prospects! You can offer them to download a white paper, to subscribe to your newsletter, to try your product for free for a month … Don’t forget to give them the opportunity to talk about you on social networks, via blog comments, sharing bulletins … Have your imagination!

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