The goal is easy: break an Turkey WhatsApp Number List structure, the nexus , during a 5v5 game that usually lasts between 20 and 40 minutes. To achieve this, each player controls a different champion among 148 to date, a sort of avatar with specific abilities for each. Most of the actions are carried out with about fifteen keyboard keys and a mouse. In my opinion three aspects make the game complex: 1 – Interaction with other humans, which makes the course of a game unpredictable 2 – At the highest level, you have to make several decisions and carry out several actions per second, which infinitely multiplies the possibilities of

demonstrating intelligence or showing your mechanical prowess 3 – Regular changes, every 2 weeks, which bring freshness to the game but which require permanent learning and adaptation A real studio now welcomes players from the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) Pro players train with amateurs An impossible thing in most sports, however, is the daily life of LoL players and the value that the digitization of certain traditional games such as chess brings. Anyone can play games that affect their ranking on a regional or global server, and progress or decline as time goes on. Professionals are often part of the 0.02% of the best players on the server, mixed with amateurs who have no desire to make it their

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profession. However, for a professional player in 2020, it is absolutely necessary to devote 10 to 14 hours per day to training: physical exercise, scrums, game analysis, coaching, meditation … Everything is done to gain an advantage over his opponent. The fact that everyone has the opportunity to move up the rankings and rub or team up regularly with LoL’s Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo is all the more gratifying as these players are doing everything to stay on top. In the end, it’s a sport that looks like those who watch it, because most of them are also players. Reliable, accessible platforms that create a community It is


unthinkable to talk about esports without mentioning Twitch (acquired by Amazon) and Youtube (acquired by Google), both of which are capable of supporting high-quality video streaming for millions of viewers simultaneously. Originally, Twitch in particular was used by players to broadcast their games online on a channel to be watched and receive donations, they are called “streamers”. Tournament organizers quickly realized that this is where their spectators would be, and not necessarily in front of a television set. Thus Riot Games, the publisher of LoL, regularly broadcasts tournaments in several languages ​​on these two platforms. One of the main advantages is the presence of a relatively anonymous chat, which allows viewers

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to chat and react live to what they see. Thus, each channel is followed by a certain number of regular spectators who come to meet there, which leads to the development of a culture specific to each: we will not laugh at the same things, we do not interact in the same way with two people. As separate streamers, we don’t remember the same highlights, which also creates a sense of belonging and community that can be compared to what it feels like to watch a football match in a bar. The difference is that this interaction is accessible everywhere, and from any terminal, but only live. On Twitch, we call this community “Twitch

chat”, literally “the chat on Twitch” Twitch chat mocks too much power of a champion Capture of Twitch chat (red box) poking fun at mistakes made by players and game designers during a professional match. Credit LEC ( Source ) A welcome professionalization of broadcasting At the launch of the game, it was the organizers of already existing tournaments like ESL who offered players to become competitors and win small amounts of money if they emerged victorious. But in Europe and the US, Riot Games took the lead in creating professional leagues to allow teams to compete against each other and promote their game in

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