While most activities Thailand WhatsApp Number List slowed down or even stopped, the health sector was, on the contrary, highly strained. The nursing staff at the front and directly in the fight against the virus, but also many initiatives related to digital applied to health, allowing everyone to act from home in the background. “Today we are at a turning point and the Covid-19 epidemic has shown it”, underlined Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital, at the release of the report on the potential of e-healthpublished in June 2020 by the Institut Montaigne. In a few weeks, private and public actors have mobilized with unprecedented speed to fight against the virus

through the use of digital tools. Prevention platforms have emerged (eg: mesconseilscovid.fr by the Ministry of Health), attempts to coordinate initiatives (eg: G-nius platform ), and above all, regulatory flexibility in favor of telemedicine which until it was struggling to surface. The institution of new digital practices in a vast human-centered environment takes time, and was until then unanimously judged relevant, leaving telemedicine and other new digitalized practices stranded. But with the arrival of a health crisis where hospitals are overloaded, where each trip is risky, the considerations have been widely revised. “The development

All The Health Players Mobilized In Record

of digital solutions in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the formidable innovation capacities of the French digital health ecosystem” specified the previously cited report. 2. The main barriers to telemedicine have finally been lifted Before the crisis, regulatory constraints limited the use of teleconsultation: it was only covered if the patient had already consulted the practitioner. As of March 2020, several decrees have lifted this barrier by allowing reimbursement of the patient, attending physician or not. The use of teleconsultation was then strongly encouraged in order to maintain the barrier gestures while relieving the hospitals, also allowing the maintenance of the medical follow-up. For physicians reluctant to


use this practice, several companies in the field offering telemedicine solutions have adapted their services to the point of free in order to encourage physicians to take the plunge. This is the example of Doctolib (online consultation management platform) which, upon the announcement of thefree of charge for its teleconsultation service , thus multiplied by 4 the number of appointments made in teleconsultation. Feedback from our telemedicine entrepreneurs For Medaviz , a teleconsultation platform, the number of registered doctors has increased considerably. “In February, we had about 100 doctors registered per week .

The Main Barriers To Telemedicine Have Finally Been

At the height of the crisis, it was around 500 a day ! ” Stéphanie Hervier, co-founder of the start-up, confides in me. She continues: “Health insurance announced 60,000 teleconsultations in the territory in 2019. Over the first 6 weeks of confinement, we were already at 70,000 . With the Covid-19 crisis, doctors go from 10% to 70% of teleconsultation ” . As for myDiabby , a platform for monitoring diabetic patients, activity increased by + 50% in less than 2 weeks. “That is to say that instead of including 4,000 new patients each month on the platform, we have grown to 6,000 new monthly patients in a few days. We had to adapt quickly! ”

testifies Anastasia Pichereau, CEO and co-founder. The team also decided to add a teleconsultation function to the application, in addition to remote monitoring, in order to ensure 100% remote monitoring. “MyDiabby has been of service to many practitioners and patients who have benefited from the continuity of their follow-up by being 100% at a distance.” Feedback from myDiabby users during containment 3. The sector should bring in several tens of billions per year Between 16 and 22 billion euros per year, this is what the sector could report according to the study by the think tank of the Montaigne Institute.


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