you obtained to meet your objective, we must apply a simple formula: (Profit – Investment) / Investment To put it in a concrete example, if we implemented a Google Ads campaign with a budget of $1,000 dollars and once it was finished we obtained income of $6,000 dollars, the formula would be: (6000-1000) / 1000 (Income – Total investment) / total investment *100 ROI = 5% This means that for every dollar we invest we earn 5 at the end of the campaign, which, taken as a percentage, tells us that we obtained 500% in profits. Now let’s learn through a real example of how ROI is calculated: READ MORE 6 advantages of advertising on Google Luis has an e-commerce where he sells all kinds of kitchen products. The company has created profiles on Facebook and Instagram.

Hire someone to look at the social media and create the content. After two months of working with the Community Manager who works part-time and charges $450 a month, Luis wants to know if social profiles are profitable or not. After Germany Phone Number analyzing what the users who have entered the web from the RRSS have done during the last two months, Luis observes that: Users logged in from Facebook have made 25 purchases worth $700. With the users who have entered from Instagram and who have made 40 purchases, he has entered 800 dollars. For posts, the Community Manager has spent $50 on templates, images, and graphic assets. In addition, another 200 dollars to rent a camera to take pictures of the products.

You Should Use Google Tag Manager

If Luis wants to know the return on the investment he has made in social networks, he must: Know the complete investment: 900 dollars (salary of the CM for two months) + 250 dollars (resources). Total: $1,150 Calculate the income obtained by each profile: 700 dollars (Facebook) + 800 (Instagram). Total: $1,500 Make the ROI formula. (Income – Total investment) / total investment *100 This means that for every dollar that Luis invested, he earned 3.43; what taken to percentage tells us that we obtained a 30.43% in profits.This tool can solve more than one headache on your website. Google Tag Manager is free and acts as a tag manager that once incorporated.

Germany Phone Number

you can use to deploy as many tags (or scripts) as you need without having to access the source code of your website and without having to bother the developer to each moment. Google Tag Manager Once you’ve added a small Tag Manager code snippet to your project, you can easily and securely implement measurement tag and analytic configuration options from a web-based user interface. Consider adding the Facebook or LinkedIn Pixel, without going through the website directly. It is basically what we recommend for users without much programming knowledge, this will ease the lives of more than one by allowing you an infinite number of actions to be carried out on any website. Advantages of Google Tag Manager It integrates with Google tools such as Analytics, Google Ads or DoubleClick.

Without Being an Expert on the Subject

Adapted to all types of users, that is.  It can be both by people with a high level of programming. By marketing professionals.  Who use it in their business strategies. It adapts to both websites and mobile applications. It is a tool in constant evolution, in which its developers work to find new features adapted to the needs of users. Offers a preview mode. In this way we can test the operation of our site before confirming the changes. Tag Manager reduces the number of requests sent to.  Our servers using the smart caching feature. So we don’t have to worry about the speed of our website. In addition to integrating Google tools.  They can also send data to any measurement or marketing tool that requires a JavaScript or conversion pixel integration.

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