We recently mentioned in one of our articles that link building was a very effective technique if you want to strengthen your natural referencing on search engines. Today we would like to go further in this direction, by Costa Rica Email List you a video presented by Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz , who reveals his favorite tactics to obtain quality inbound links through social media, which is an excellent source. In fact, in a digital inbound marketing strategy , it is essential that your website be as accessible as possible for your future customers who are looking for information.

What is link building in SEO?
The link building is a strategy allowing to influence the referencing of your blog or site on the search engines, by obtaining on other blogs or sites than yours, links returning to your own Internet site . These links are called ” inbound links ” or backlinks . The number and quality of these backlinks give a level of importance to your page, which will be taken into account for its indexing in search engines. PS: If you have understood the meaning of this definition, you will have noticed that we have just offered an inbound link to the Moz site, which will therefore see its credibility (somewhat) reinforced on search engines.

Interact on social networks as early as possible and regularly

Want to comment on a blog post or post in the hopes of getting more exposure? You’re absolutely right, this is one of the most common techniques for getting inbound links (it’s called How Marketing ). However, whenever possible, we recommend that you do this as early as possible and on a regular basis. Why ?

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• Interact early because, especially when you want to get a link from a popular site or brand, being in the top 5 to respond to a post on Facebook or Google + will give you more luck to be noticed by the editor of the article or the community manager ; • Interact regularly because it is an excellent way to easily build a backlinking network and therefore improve your positioning on search engines. Important: When applying this strategy, make sure that your comment adds value to the discussion. Avoid messages like “Excellent article, thank you very much” which are strictly useless and betray a lack of subtlety and expertise on your part. If you are not a spammer, don’t act like one!

Create content that will grab the attention of your target

Imagine you have a blog specializing in internet travel and in one of your articles you analyze the prices of airline tickets on Hipmunk and Kayak, two of the market leaders. To get their attention and hope for some backlinks, what would you do? Try for example tweeting something like: “I analyzed @Hipmunk and @Kayak, here is the URL”. It’s a safe bet that the Community managers at Hipmunk and Kayak will visit your blog and, if your content is interesting to them (read: if they are the cheapest), they will approve your post with a Retweet, a mention or comment.

Exactly what you were looking for, isn’t it? Remember, we already mentioned this technique in a previous article which explained how a young graduate landed the job of her dreams. She wrote an article about a company she particularly admired (Hubspot) and posted it on Twitter including the hashtag #HireMeHubspot. Creating interesting content for your targets is extremely important in an inbound marketing strategy insofar as, if you have allowed them to learn information, advice that concerns them directly, your potential future customers will be more inclined to do so. trust and give you more credit.

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