The company L. is a Taiwan Phone Number List laboratory which does not manufacture the regulated products that it sells, and focuses in particular on R&D, trading and marketing. The company is an ETI which sells its products to the general public mainly in France, but also to distributors in dozens of countries on all continents. It therefore produces marketing tools that it makes available to its distributors in order to help them sell locally. It is also in charge of training its internal teams and its partners in the field with a regulatory issue, but also to convince doctors to advise its products. Alone we go faster, together we go further Building

together I noticed that the L. laboratory had difficulty coping with the audits which aimed to verify that its employees are trained and up to date, and that the regulatory aspects related to the products are respected. This difficulty was only a symptom, linked in my opinion in part to a hierarchical, rigid and heterogeneous organization: Everyone works on their repertoire Everyone has their own personal organization Others are unable to access or take ownership of a work without the author’s help Information circulates partially within a service, very little between services Everyone has followed training, which is more or less well traced and making a photo of it at the moment t is an insurmountable effort. Faced with this observation, the laboratory

Alone We Go Faster, Together We Go Further

has chosen to centralize in order to better distribute. This is what electronic Document Management (EDM) software and a Learning Management System (LMS) allow, which respectively group together finalized documents and training. With the assistance of ISLEAN (this is moreover our IS transformation offer ), the projects to set up these two tools have forced the organization to review elements such as: Its processes which cross several departments Its vocabulary, which naturally drifts with international openness, arrivals, departures and silotage Its training plan, which can have a large number of specificities that complicate it Its training courses, in particular those which are common to all or to a large number, which can benefit from

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being partially delivered through e-learning This effort, during the project, helps to build a meaningful classification plan and to prioritize the training to be delivered face-to-face and in e-learning. We were able to see the results of our support for change : Employees now have access to the latest version of validated company documents, wherever they are, and understand the work of their colleagues The EDM filing plan (DocuWare) allows each service to search for documents in the dimensions that are relevant to it (by brand, by regulatory constraint, by type of tool, etc.) Those responsible for training are freed from a large load of

This Effort, During The Project

face-to-face training to devote more time to educational engineering The training courses already deployed online are open to all, with a mandatory part that varies little depending on the role within the company The LMS in SaaS (360Learning) makes it possible to report the training courses attended by each employee and to respond to audits with a much more modest effort The most enthusiastic help each other and serve as ambassadors to the most reluctant, managers can take a role of facilitator for the training of their N-1 Andres Villarreal talks about certain LMSs in more detail in his article “E-learning to provide training in companies”

Free your client to better understand him Horses galloping in freedom Until recently, the L. company communicated with its distributors (who are its customers) abroad via international sales teams and sometimes via international marketing. Beyond negotiations and orders, the company helps its distributors to better sell its products and therefore provides marketing tools by e-mail and telephone. There are many difficulties for the customer and for the laboratory: Each customer must communicate their sales figures, but the formats are heterogeneous and the consolidation work is the responsibility of sales The customer can

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