JPEG facebook icon instagram icon jpeg digital marketing mexican clothing brand JPEG is a Mexican brand founded in 2012 by Natalia RR, who had the idea of ​​creating a clothing line that seeks to develop and produce articles, garments and design pieces for everyday use. That is why they sell urban and sports style clothes , but without ceasing to be avant-garde. The website has a unique and attractive design. In addition, they are shown as passionate about their generational environment and seek to project it in their clothes. In the same way, the photographs used are of products and models, which favors users to get a realistic idea of ​​what the clothes are like and how they would look. They have 46.4 thousand followers on Instagram and 34 thousand on Facebook and interact.

with users on both social networks. This is because their target audience is in their 20s and 30s and quite active. Despite having fewer followers than other brands on this list, its efficiency made it worthy of being among the best Mexican clothing brands. 5. Watch out for the dog facebook icon instagram icon digital marketing of clothing India Phone Number brand beware of the dog Care for the Dog is a proudly Mexican store that has 200 stores, of which the main ones are located in the most important shopping areas and centers in Mexico. It was founded in 2007 by Almacenes García and, despite not having been in the market for many years, it has managed to position itself. It is inspired by the urban lifestyle and this is clearly seen on its website, Instagram and Facebook.

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For this reason, all the photographs and audiovisual material are of quality and manage to project the concept of the store and at the same time show the products clearly. Beware of the Dog makes pieces for men, women, babies and children . However, its target audience is between 25 and 35 years old and the interaction with its clients is seen on social networks such as Facebook, where it has 3 million fans. They have an online store in Mexico, Canada and the USA. Also, it has downloadable applications in play store and app store. Finally, we highlight that the average price is $150, so they are quality products at an affordable price. In the case of this brand, its accessible average ticket and its robust social networks were the reasons for being in this position among the best Mexican clothing brands.

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Oh Guy! facebook icon instagram icon ay guey Mexican clothing brand with good digital marketing Miguel Ángel Rodríguez bet all his money on the creation of ¡Ay Güey! in 2007 and is currently a business of international stature that bills 70 million pesos a year. As for the concept, it seeks to highlight the positive qualities of Mexican culture.  And identity through fashion for young people. Oh man! It has 245 thousand fans on Facebook and 56.6 thousand.  Followers on Instagram and the posts on both networks follow.  The concept of the brand and are professional. Thus highlighting Mexican craftsmanship . In addition, its website stands out for having a unique design.  To Mexican folklore and for having complete information on the products. On the other hand, it has 103 stores in Mexico and the main ones are in Aguascalientes, Mexico City.

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Jalisco, Nuevo León, Oaxaca and Puebla. With reference to the price, this is on average $790. Being a comfortable price for the quality of products they offer.  Stable facebook icon instagram icon digital marketing clothing brand block. Cuadra was in 1991 by Agustín Cuadra and the reason for his inspiration was wildlife. Currently, it is a footwear brand recognized for using the best techniques, leathers and handmade finishes . It is thanks to its vision and authenticity that it manages to position itself as the leading brand in the manufacture of cowboy boots. In the present, they have ventured into streetstyle, mixing style and comfort. That is why, within their website, we can find a blog where they talk about fashion trends to keep their followers updated. Cuadra has almost 2 million fans on Facebook, however, on Instagram he has 205.

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