It recently celebrated its 15th birthday, entered everyday language and certainly represents the greatest success story of the digital age : I named Google ! Do you know why Google regularly uses goats for its Silicon Valley Antigua and Barbuda Email lists ? Or that the name of the company is in fact due to a spelling error? If you thought you knew everything about the most famous search engine, you are not at the end of your surprises! Here are 13 amazing things you didn’t know about Google revealed by our inbound marketing agency :

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# 1 Google, formerly BackRub

On his homepage , we can always read this: “BackRub is a web explorer whose objective is to cross the web. We are currently working on developing techniques to improve search engines. We will make our services available to you as soon as possible ”. 6 months later, we decided to change the name BackRub to Google… PS: The BackRub logo was nothing other than the hand of its founder Larry Page scanned in black and white ….

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5 A digital success that satisfies its employees

Nearly a thousand Google employees became millionaires when the company went public in 2004. # 6 Google and its engaging Doodle The first Doodle in history represented the symbol of Burning Man, an arts festival that takes place every year in the Nevada desert. The story goes that Larry Page and Sergey Brin went to the festival in 1998 and added the Doodle to the Google home page to let users know they weren’t in the office that weekend.

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